Deutsche Messe, Hannover/Germany

Deutsche Messe, Hannover/Germany

Dual work/study program

Turned off by going straight from secondary school to university with no practical training in-between? If you want to combine theoretical with practical knowledge, our dual course of study might be just the thing for you.


The study program takes three years, resulting in a Bachelor of Arts degree. You'll receive a career qualification and, after acquiring adequate on-the-job experience, will be eligible to take on a variety of jobs at the company.

Bachelor of Arts in Exhibition, Conference and Event Management

Anyone can plan a party, but the ability to organize an efficient event or trade fair is an acquired skill. Together with our partners at DHBW Ravensburg, we offer suitable candidates the opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Exhibition, Conference and Event Management. This course of studies provides the basis for practical specialization in event management. Based on a good business operation foundation, the program provides students with solid training in all the trade-relevant areas. You'll find further information on the theoretical content of this program at

This six-semester course of studies is broken down into a series of three-month cycles, alternating between classes at the DHBW University of Ravensburg and practical stints at our company. The program begins every year on 1 October.

The practical phase allows students to gain experience in all business-operational areas of the company, including planning, organizing and following up on trade fairs.

Practical experience includes stints in purchasing, marketing, controlling human resources and accounting as well as in the various project departments. Your own personal objectives and commitment will have a decisive influence on your individual development.

Good math and English language skills are required, as is a school leaving certificate at college-preparatory level. Further requirements include good communication skills, the ability to work as part of a team and a strong level of organizational talent.


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