Deutsche Messe, Hannover/Germany

Deutsche Messe, Hannover/Germany
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Hermes Kids

By establishing a play center operated by the local charitable organization "Arbeiterwohlfahrt", we are helping mothers and fathers to find a healthy balance between work and family.

Building facilities

Deutsche Messe | Hermes Kids

The Hermes Kids play center is located directly adjacent to the Old Fire Station at the South 2 entrance gate of the exhibition grounds.

The building is ideal for childcare purposes, having been lovingly converted and furnished for the purpose.

The building includes sleeping nooks, a kitchen, wardrobe facilities and diapering stations. Including the outdoor play yard, the facility has a total of 250 square meters of space, guaranteeing ample space for the children and auxiliary childcare offerings.

Group rooms

Deutsche Messe | Hermes Kids

The ground floor of the building contains a group room for the toddler group which has direct access to the play yard as well as an auxiliary room for holiday childcare, a sleeping room, a kitchenette with a dining room and a small staff office.

The rooms are bright and spacious. The wardrobe facilities are located in the large play hall between the group and auxiliary rooms. This play hall offers adequate space for romping and running. The sanitary area moreover offers diapering stations and "age-appropriate" toilets.

Play yard

Featuring a large lawn and abundant outdoor play equipment, the play yard offers ample space for running, climbing, sliding and romping. And it also has a quiet corner for kids to rest.

The central hub consists of the large sandpit which is nestled in a landscape of natural boulders and tree trunks as well as a water-mud playscape. Children can reach the play yard directly via the large patio right outside the group room.

Basic principles

Team Hermes Kids

We want the children to feel safe and well at our play center. Our goal however is not to play the role of "activity directors", constantly engaging the children according to our pedagogical concept. Instead, we strive to encourage each child's own natural curiosity and eagerness to learn, taking his or her own individual development into account.

Every child has his or her own rhythm, which we accept and welcome. We do not endeavor to be passive observers, but actively prepare an environment in which children can learn and grow. We provide ideas, stimuli, a sense of security and the greatest possible degree of freedom so that the children can learn – even as we, in turn, learn from "our" children.

Professional childcare during trade fairs

During selected trade fairs we offer professional supervision for your children between the ages of one and six at our "Hermes Kids" play center. This supervision is performed by our professional childcare workers.

Needless to say, no one goes hungry: we serve the children not only breakfast and an afternoon snack, but also a warm lunch prepared by our own exhibition catering service, all made with fresh, high-quality ingredients.

The Hermes Kids play center is located directly adjacent to the South 2 entrance gate, and can be reached from the north, east and west of our showgrounds via the shuttle bus.

The cost, including meals, is 25 euros per day.

If you are interested, contact Ms. Katja Anssar .


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