Deutsche Messe, Hannover/Germany

Deutsche Messe, Hannover/Germany
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Sustainability of natural resources used by Deutsche Messe

Since the beginning of 2018, we have been using electric power generated from renewable sources of energy for the entire exhibition center.

Our corporate statement for instance includes the following declaration:

"We attach great importance to the responsible, sustainable use of natural resources and are dedicated to minimizing any negative environmental impact caused by our business activities."

That is why we are switching to green power.

Our procurement of green power is certified as follows:

  • TÜV South EE01 green power certificate
  • provision of power generated from renewable sources
  • source of energy: 100% renewables choice of energy carriers:
  • at least 30% of power from new power plants (alternatively, fund contributions made towards the construction of new plants)

Depending on the number of events, we consume approximately as much power as 10,000 four-person households every year. By purchasing green power, we are saving around 18,000 tons of CO2.

If you have any questions on the topic, feel free to contact Andreas Dollenberg (Technical Facility Management TFM) or Kai Gramberg (Purchasing)


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