Deutsche Messe, Hannover/Germany

Deutsche Messe, Hannover/Germany
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Sustainability report

We work to raise awareness of sustainability. We’ve established sustainable thought and action at our company and committed ourselves to social and ecological values.

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We have the word’s greenest exhibition center. In 2018, we switched all our electricity purchases to certified green hydropower. And for many years, we’ve been committed to zero-emission, resource-conserving mobility.

These are just a few examples of our daily sustainable practices.

We have summarized our overall commitment in a sustainability report.

Here, we describe our motivation as well as individual measures for dealing with climate change, natural resources, our employees and society as a whole.

The exhibition center – a city within a city

An exhibition center is like a city – subject to constant change due to new construction and modernization. As a result, we constantly examine whether we need to implement additional energy-saving measures. Energy conservation represents a great challenge to an exhibition company, since our buildings are used in a variety of ways. Our office buildings are in constant use, but our exhibition halls are used only during events – during which time they however require large amounts of energy.

We already rely on energy-efficient lighting, at the same time as we work to reduce water consumption, recycle waste and provide electric vehicle charging stations. We are also committed to the health and satisfaction of our employees and support numerous social initiatives. We are happy to assume responsibility for a livable environment and society. Because that is, above all, an investment in our future.