Deutsche Messe, Hannover/Germany

Deutsche Messe, Hannover/Germany
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More safety

Numerous measures will ensure the best possible health and safety standards, protecting you during all trade fair activities – in the trade fair restaurants, at the stands and back in your hotel.

Consulting health professionals


Deutsche Messe AG receives constant updates and advice from the relevant health authorities. Medical services are also available onsite 24/7.

Catering at the Exhibition Grounds


The concept for catering services at the Grounds will comply with all legal requirements.

Online registration


Pre-registration of all persons visiting the Exhibition Grounds, irrespective of purpose, e.g. stand assembly/dismantling, is required. All persons need to provide information on the date(s) of their attendance to facilitate crowd management and control of the total number of people at the Grounds on any single day.

Visitor registration at the exhibition stands


Exhibitors are obliged to collect data on all visitors who stay at the stand for at least 15 minutes for consultations, negotiations or sales talks. It is essential that the visitor‘s contact details and the date of the encounter are recorded.

Hotels in Hannover and the Hannover region


Our close cooperation with hotels, restaurants and other hospitality/ catering businesses means that we have a good overview of the health and safety measures implemented. You can feel confident that everything has been done to make your trade fair engagement a success.

Further information about Covid-19

For a more information of Covid-19 we refer to the websites of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Robert Koch Institute (RKI).


For any questions please send us an EMail to Deutsche Messe Corporate communications

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Entry requirements for trade fair participants from abroad

It is generally possible for trade fair participants from abroad to enter Germany.
The latest nformation on the entry requirements for participants in trade fairs in Germany can be found on the AUMA-website (Association of the German Trade Fair Industry).

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