Deutsche Messe, Hannover/Germany

Deutsche Messe, Hannover/Germany
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Garden center

Of course, the rooms, exhibitions, technology and catering are the most important elements of an event. But some of the most decorative elements are reserved for the lush-green plants and colourful flowers. They are the dot on the "i" of a successfully created atmosphere.

Exotic or precious: plant and flower decorations


In our over 2,500 ca in-house plant nursery, some of the most beautiful plants and flowers, which you can use for your event, are housed.

Would you like an impressive green for your reception or catering area? For this purpose we have metre-high potted plants such as ficus trees, olive trees, palm trees or bamboo trees.

Or how about creating a flower arrangement for the podium or the tables? For this, we can also fulfil any of your wishes or ideas: flower arrangements in your corporate colours and in every imaginable size and shape - whether small or big, flat or high; whether round, oval, or square.

Just let us know what your ideas are - we'll create a MIRACULOUS atmosphere for your guests.




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