Deutsche Messe, Hannover/Germany

Deutsche Messe, Hannover/Germany
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Whatever you want to present or say - it must be seen and heard all the way in the back of the room. It's no surprise then that we emphasise the need for the most modern technical equipment.

Our goal: to set the stage for your success - technology and sound for your event.

Image by Dan Taylor

Deutsche Messe's event technology is based on state-of-the-art equipment.

Interpreting systems for 1.800 receivers? Not a problem for us, we can provide them. All devices meet the latest standards. Our technicians are there to assist you with the installation of the equipment in order to make your dress rehearsal and your event a successful one.

An overview of our conference equipment:

  • projectors
  • loudspeaker systems
  • microphones (connected by wire and wireless)
  • audio recording on CD, in MP3 format
  • in-feed of external audio sources (e.g. sound from your pc)
  • out-feed of audio signal to third parties (e.g. sound for the camera, etc.)
  • internet connections
  • wifi


Thanks to our perfectly networked stage technology, we'll turn your show into a success.

Our goal: make way for your success.