We are proud that our Hannover exhibition grounds are rated among Europe's greenest event sites. Around 25 hectares of green spaces (equating to around 35 soccer fields), young and mature trees and shrubs, several ponds and vibrant beds of flowers featuring plants from local sources characterize our site.

These natural green spaces provide sustenance, shelter and nesting opportunities for insects and birds all year round, and thus make an important contribution to protecting and preserving the local biodiversity. At the same time, they are a green oasis for our guests, who can take some time out from the hustle and bustle of trade fair activity in the halls and enjoy the sun.

One of our most recent projects is all about the honeybee. Since February 2023, we have housed two bee colonies in the northwest of our premises behind Hall 21. The aim of the project is to foster the bee's pollination performance and secure their habitat on a permanent basis.