The exhibition hall infrastructure is built and equipped once and then remains as a finished module for your individual event branding. The exhibition stands, forums and communal areas only need your design. And we produce that for you in-house as well.

Your advantages: You save time, costs and resources and thus increase your sales opportunities as well as your new business with a clearly calculable investment.


INSTANT FAIR pursues a sustainable event concept. We build once event location with permanently installed booths and common areas. The stand construction is done with the most sustainable product on the market. Moreover, by designing with textile cloths or with panels, the use of harmful substances, such as paint and glue, is avoided as much as possible. And since the aluminum frames are 100% recyclable even after a long life cycle, waste is kept to an absolute minimum.


Holding events has never been so budget-safe and cost-efficient as with INSTANT FAIR. For you, the complete production organization is omitted. This saves you time, costs and resources. You have precious time in advance for your customers, exhibitors, participants and visitors.

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