Hannover, Germany. The event, inaugurated by Dawood Al Hajri, Director-General of Dubai Municipality, attracted industry leaders and enthusiasts from around the globe. It showcased a diverse range of products and designs that highlight the future of flooring. The success of DOMOTEX Middle East 2024 is a testament to Dubai's strategic importance in the global trade landscape and its ability to drive innovation and growth within the flooring industry. The event saw over 100 exhibitors converging to present the latest trends and shape the future of the industry. The top five countries represented by exhibit space were Iran, UAE, Turkey, Egypt, and China.

Sonia Wedell-Castellano, Global Director of DOMOTEX at Deutsche Messe AG, expressed gratitude towards the UAE: "We are immensely grateful to the UAE for providing a platform that boosts the global flooring industry's visibility and growth. The dynamic trade environment in Dubai has been crucial to the success of this year's exhibition."

This year's event was particularly notable for its diverse and high-calibre exhibitions. Heritage Carpet by Ghanbarinia captured significant attention with its unveiling of 45 extraordinary antique handmade carpets. This unique exhibition aligned with UAE's leadership initiatives for cultural advancement, featuring hundreds of magnificent rugs from Ghanbarinia's collection – the largest of its kind in both quantity and quality globally. Additionally, a highlight of this showcase was the presentation of museum-quality antique rugs valued at $500 million, with some of the rugs dating back to the 17th through the 19th centuries, adding historical depth and cultural significance.

The Design Lounge was a focal point of innovation and style, transformed by True Design and Moooi Carpets into a creative hub. This space showcased the synergy between top-tier design and craftsmanship, with True Design's furniture and Moooi Carpets' textiles merging to elevate both the aesthetic and functional appeal of the lounge. Visitors were able to admire the exquisite lines and impeccable craftsmanship of True's furniture pieces, each detail meticulously curated and every element precisely placed, creating a harmonious ensemble that transcends mere decor and exemplifies the art of living beautifully.

A remarkable highlight of the exhibition was the presentation of the largest carpet ever displayed at DOMOTEX, a 600m² masterpiece from the Tabriz Premium Silk Warp collection. This exceptional display showcased the unmatched craftsmanship and quality of Middle Eastern handmade carpets, dazzling attendees with its intricate design and superb artistry.

Another highlight of the event was the introduction of 'Bog Pearl' by Ryser Böden. Manufactured in Switzerland, this stunning bog oak hardwood floor is crafted from trees aged between 3000 and 7000 years. Known as bog oak and even rarer than diamonds, these trees offer a rich history and unmatched beauty, making them a perfect choice for Dubai's most discerning residents. The intricate parquet design, formed from ellipses, promises a unique and show-stopping addition to any luxurious space.

Adding to the list of notable exhibitions, Standard Carpet, UAE's largest carpet manufacturer, showcased its commitment to sustainability with its latest solutions. This exhibit highlighted the company's ongoing efforts to reduce environmental impact while maintaining high-quality and innovative designs.

Sonia Wedell-Castellano added: "The overwhelming success of DOMOTEX Middle East 2024 reflects the vibrant and resilient nature of the global flooring market. The innovations and collaborations displayed here highlight the latest trends and set the direction for future developments in the industry. We are proud to conclude another remarkable edition and look forward to continuing our tradition of excellence." The event provided a stage for showcasing exceptional products and also facilitated invaluable networking opportunities for professionals from around the world.