Hannover, Germany Right on time for its appearance at IMEX in Frankfurt, Deutsche Messe presents its new product brand "Messegelände Hannover" for the marketing of its exhibition center in Hannover. The revamp is designed to place even greater emphasis on the customer-related needs of guest organizers and spotlight what the exhibition center has to offer.

"The Hannover exhibition center figures among the places that people associate most with Hannover. Each and every one of our guests looks forward to and enjoys coming here, because our exhibition center conjures up special emotions, experiences, and encounters in all their minds. And the reputation Deutsche Messe enjoys internationally puts it at the forefront when it comes to establishing leading international trade fairs in Hannover, as we prove time and again with events such as EMO, IAA Transportation and the DLG events EuroTier and Agritechnica," says Robert Bachmann, Director Venue Sales at Deutsche Messe.

Deutsche Messe intends to use this emotional appeal to attract even more guest events to Hannover and the Hannover exhibition center. Additional features at the exhibition center, for instance the 5G test field, are definitely worthy of mention. In Hannover, all processes go hand in hand, from chartering an exclusive flight connection to political support right through to the federal government.

The website is designed to guide the customer intuitively through the planning of their event. Searching for the right location is made easier by 360-degree views and a quick overview of the most important facts such as size, number of elevators, or light sources. The portfolio of services on offer for the customer includes not only standard services such as technical supply, cleaning & waste disposal or furnishing, as well as the appropriate event and stage technology, but also covers ticketing and automation solutions for visitor marketing.

In launching the new brand, Deutsche Messe AG is highlighting the possibilities offered by the exhibition center, not only for leading international trade fairs, but especially also when it comes to corporate events, congresses or major events and concerts, thus placing greater focus on guest events.

Events are planned through and through, from start to finish: the "Selected Messe Hotels" and "Get2Fairs" services extend the range of Deutsche Messe's offerings beyond the Hannover exhibition center itself. Customers have the option of booking hotel rooms in selected hotels or, directly, complete packages covering accommodation and transport to the venue. And it goes without saying that parking spaces with charging stations will also be available for attendees arriving by electric cars.

Deutsche Messe already has a lot planned for the future, too, with further modernization of the halls and infrastructure on the agenda. The in-house sustainability program "Fair2Future" aims to ensure carbon neutral operation of the exhibition center by 2035. And the digitalization of the services on offer will be scaled up further – whether in the area of visitor tracking, AI-supported visitor guidance or digital out-of-home displays. "We think along holistic lines," Bachmann concludes, "we are taking both the marketing for the exhibition center and the exhibition center itself to a whole new level."

You'll find more information at www.messegelaende.de