Especially during major events like HANNOVER MESSE, but other trade fairs as well, there can be lots more traffic on the roads in peak periods.

Deutsche Messe AG therefore recommends all guests to participate in the federal state of Lower Saxony's "Digital Traffic Control for Lower Saxony (DVL-NI)" system. The free and ad-free "NUNAV" app helps visitors and exhibitors get to their destination without congestion, and thus in an environmentally friendly manner. The app works with AI-based traffic forecasts, and routes all users on the roads in such a way that traffic jams are avoided even before they occur. This is a pivotal advantage over other apps that only then react once traffic is already congested.

What's more, NUNAV knows where all the available parking spaces are around the exhibition grounds, so it can guide its users directly to the vacant parking slots in real time.

Using the app does not require registration, and there is no need to provide any personal data. NUNAV navigation is simple to use via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

All you need do is enter the name of the trade fair in question as your destination – e.g. "HANNOVER MESSE" – and away you go! Alternatively, you can scan the QR code printed on the trade fair tickets to start the navigation function.

All trade fairs held at Deutsche Messe AG's exhibition center can be reached with the NUNAV navigation app.

NUNAV was developed by Graphmasters GmbH, and includes the traffic management strategies of Digital Traffic Control for Lower Saxony. More information.