Sabine Lackner has been with the THW since 2001 and has demonstrated her knowledge and skills in numerous major emergencies and international collaborations. She actively participated in incidents such as the Meppen Moor fire and the floods in Western and Central Europe in 2021, and was one of the driving forces behind cooperations with other rescue organizations.

As President of the THW, Sabine Lackner has clear goals in mind: "We will further strengthen the THW as an important part for civil protection and plan to develop it accordingly for future challenges." She places special emphasis on effective collaboration with the international community.

Innovation and technology also play a crucial role in her vision. "The potential of modern technologies such as AI, drones, and robotics is enormous in making rescue and relief operations more efficient and in order to better protect the volunteers," says Lackner.

At the same time, she aims to increase the overall visibility of civil protection in the public eye and wants to emphasize its value. "That's why trade fairs like INTERSCHUTZ are important," says Lackner. "It is vital that we use the latest state-of-the-art technology, establish cross-border networking, and inspire people to get involved in the THW. Informing, cooperating, and inspiring - trade fairs are the good platform."