Social Day - organized by the Volunteer Center Hannover - has been taking place in Hannover for 13 years. On two dates each year, Hanover-based companies give their employees a day off to immerse themselves in social issues and get involved in a social project.

On Friday, September 15, it was that time again and 30 Deutsche Messe employees got involved in one of the 18 projects. Whether it was restoring a circus wagon for the Haus der Jugend, lending a helping hand at the DIAKOVERE Annastift Leben und Lernen gGmbH summer party, at the fairKauf downtown department store or one of the other projects supported at Social Day.

In any case, the colleagues at Deutsche Messe agreed that participating in Social Day is a matter close to their hearts. And for Deutsche Messe as an employer, it is also a matter of course to encourage its employees in their social commitment and to give them time off for Social Day.