Deutsche Messe has obtained its entire electricity supply via hydroelectric power since 2018. As a result, the switch to green electricity has saved around 40,000 metric tons of CO2 to date. What's more, the electricity required for the lighting in the halls and outdoor facilities has been cut by 40% by using state-of-the-art LED technology. The replacement of all conventional halogen vapor lamps in 2023 will deliver energy savings of up to 60% in this context. In addition, a focus of our energy transformation concept is on the installation of photovoltaic systems and other energy-efficient plant technology.

Keyword "waste disposal": More than 5,000 metric tons of waste are generated on the exhibition grounds every year, most of it in connection with the individual events and during the trade fair set-up and dismantling. All waste is collected in various separate containers and then disposed of properly, so we manage to recycle 94 percent of accumulated waste. In order to avoid producing hazardous waste, we have some pioneering upcycling initiatives as well as new approaches for resource-saving stand construction.

For example, we are collaborating with maesh, a Hannover-based company which produces individual bicycle, sports and toiletry bags, backpacks or shoppers from discarded advertising banners and thus gives this material a second life.

"Instant Fair" is the name of our newest offering and the perfect solution for waste prevention in the setting up and dismantling of small and medium-sized events. The Instant Fair is simply a must for those looking for a sustainable location. Its special feature: The Instant Fair is a completely new event location (hall 23) with ready-built, permanently installed facilities that can be booked and used from one day to the next. All stands, forums and common areas will be used for several years before being renewed.

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